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MOL Racing Kft was established on 2 May 1989 as Hexán Chemical Refining, Filling and Trading Kft. MOL Nyrt is a wholly owned subsidiary of MOL Group.

MOL Group is one of the leading integrated oil and gas companies in Central and Eastern Europe with a large and concentrated international exploration and production portfolio.

MOL Racing Kft is located in the MOL Danube Refinery (H-2443 Százhalombatta, Ipartelep 2704/1). The company employs 15 people.

At the beginning, our main activity was the packaging and sale of intermediate and finished products of fine chemical quality, produced during the refining process of Dunai Kőolajipari Vállalat (Danube Petroleum Company), but over the years our activities have been continuously expanding.


1 Licensed activity and sale of goods:

  • Manufacture and sale of fine and household chemicals on own account
  • bitumen sales
  • paraffin sales

2. Toll packaging, production and sales for MOL Nyrt:

  • packaging of aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons (cans, barrels, IBCs)
  • production of non-standard and test fuels
  • production, packaging and sale of refined kerosene
  • production and sale of the MOL Racing Fuel product range
  • production and sale of first-fill fuels
  • ETBE sales
  • purified MTBE sales
  • lamp kerosene
  • JETA-1

3. Domestic sales of MOL chemical products in tank trucks:

  • aliphatic and aromatic products

4. Other services related to MOL Racing company activities:

  • production and sale of special additive-free diesel, filling with on-site assistance
  • on-site refuelling of race fuel with a mobile service station
  • expert and professional activities, consulting

Fast and flexible customer service is ensured by our continuously and seamlessly available refinery background.


Our new slogan: 25 years on the cutting edge!

  • In 2014, we launched an octane 102+ racing fuel, MOL Racing Fuel 102+. In many national and international races you can now see race cars and motorcycles fuelled with MOL Racing Fuel 102+ that have crossed the finish line first. We also sell our products at three MOL service stations in Hungary (Budapest, Váci út, Mogyoród and Sárvár) and six in Romania.
  • Following the launch of MOL Racing Fuel 102+, our team has been working on the development of the MOL Racing Fuel product line. As a result, the range has now been extended to include 4 more high-quality racing fuels.
  • MOL Racing Fuel RST: FIA homologue for naturally aspirated and turbocharged race cars.
  • MOL Racing Fuel OMAX: A racing fuel with a particularly high octane and oxygen content, primarily recommended for atmospheric, non-turbocharged and non-supercharged race cars.
  • MOL Racing Fuel DRX: High-alcohol and high-octane fuel developed for turbocharged race cars with a fuel system and seals designed for high ethanol content.
  • MOL Racing Fuel HI5: The latest addition to the range, a high-power fuel developed on the basis of international racing fuel development trends, specifically for turbocharged cars. The product is optimised for the performance characteristics of R5 race cars, but the power boost during acceleration is also noticeable in other turbocharged race cars running at lower revs. The product was developed with the assistance of a professional team of experts and a number of national and international race drivers. Their tests have shown that the product is on a par with internationally recognised top-of-the-range products in terms of maximum performance, but offers better acceleration characteristics. This is a unique accomplishment among Central and Eastern European producers.
  • We have developed newer non-standard fuels based on customer demands to be used for trial purposes, and also introduced our grill lighter liquid at MOL service stations alongside our petroleum heater fuel and refined kerosene.
  • In paraffin wax sales, we have found a new customer group in beekeepers who impregnate their hives with paraffin wax.
  • As part of our diversification, we have also moved into services, and now use a parcel service to deliver small paraffin orders to our customers.
  • We are continuously developing our equipment, we have put into use our mixing tank that meets the strictest safety standards, and our efforts aimed at standing on more than one leg are well demonstrated by the fact that contact and contracting with domestic customers purchasing chemical products by road or rail tanker is also managed by MOL Racing Kft.

Our dynamic growth and reliability is proven by our steady increase in sales volume and the number of satisfied regular customers.

On 1 January 2020, our company reached another milestone by changing its name from Hexán Kft to MOL Racing Kft, thus taking the company to the next level in the development of products and services and strengthening the relationship with MOL Group.


Our mission is to meet customer needs with high-quality hydrocarbon products (fine chemicals, solvents, diluents, aromatic hydrocarbons, special spirits, non-standard fuels). We believe that our company is driven by the quality of the products we produce, our customer-focused approach and flexibility. We hope that the quality of our products, the quality management and environmental management systems we use in their production will make our company successful.

Our goal is to retain our market position in the production and sale of our products, while at the same time, through continuous and persistent marketing work, to introduce new products and to acquire new markets through continued technological improvements.

Our management considers both quality and environmental protection to be of utmost importance, and has therefore recognised that it is essential to protect the environment to achieve its objectives, while meeting customer demands and maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction up to the highest standards.

We therefore commit to comply with all applicable environmental legislation, regulatory requirements and other commitments, and to take the necessary steps to prevent pollution and continuously improve our environmental performance. Our company is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified.

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